The 2016 Gathering

Our 2016 Theme: Hope & Courage

Atrocities occupy the headlines on a daily basis, new fears about global markets threaten our future and celebrity deaths remind us of our mortality – even the most optimistic among us may be forced to reconsider their outlook and wonder how we as humans can overcome the monumental challenges in front of us.

But is this an accurate picture of where we stand today? Or are these negative thoughts promoted as much as by the rolling, 24//7 nature of news media, grown exponentially through the saturation of social media? Do we, in fact, have more to be positive about than negative?

That’s the belief of the Circle of European Communicators, which has chosen for the theme of its 2016 event as “Hope & Courage“: we want to focus on the innovation, ideas and organisations that are bringing positive change to our world. Remember: progress is exponential – think of the life-changing innovations that were unthinkable just 15 or so years ago and consider that technology is developing at a faster rate all the time.

Athens view 15

Our 2016 Destination: The GazARTE in Gazi, Athens

To underline our search for the positive, The Circle event will be held in Athens – a city that has seen its fair share of economic troubles and human tragedy, but which continues to stand as a proud symbol of endurance

Being one of Europe’s historical capitals with a long history, dating back to the first settlement in the Neolithic age, Athens will be the host city of our 2016 Circle of European Communicators.  Athens became the capital of the modern Greek state in 1834 and is one of today’s most dynamic metropolis with unrivalled charm. Athens is rightly referred to as the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy. The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city – however, the city does not restrict itself only to these unique archaeological sites.

Due to its cultural, philosophical and political impact on the European continent and as the first city to lay down the foundations of today’s civilized Western people and countries, Athens is referred to as the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy. It is home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum.

This year’s location at GazARTE, a cultural hotspot located in the central square in Gazi, perfectly underlines our theme “Hope & Courage” and our focus on innovation, ideas and organisations that are bringing positive change to our world. Gazi was build around the former gas-works of Athens and is now representing an upcoming new area.

Furthermore, taking the latest developments into account – the financial crisis in Greece – increased terrorism – the refugee crisis – Athens represents a pressing place to discuss our world, the context in which we and our corporations live and work. The location exudes a special cultural atmosphere which will inspire us as well as allow us to reach beyond the scope of our daily doings. Join us there this year to celebrate the best and brightest – and to look for positive solutions.

Some impressions of our main event venue GazARTE



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